three tequila bottles of different flavours: a blue jalapeno flavour, an orange sichuan flavour and a pink scotch bonnet flavour
The three launch flavours; jalapeƱo, sichuan and scotch bonnet pepper.
bottoms up! one
I love chilli and I love tequila. Here's my pitch: why don't we combine them? Capiscum Spiced Tequila is a range of flavoured tequilas, each spiced with a different blend of chillies. Drinking is at its best when it's combined with great food and greater company. Capsicum encourages both. It's a drink designed for sharing, experimenting with and cooking with.
a roundel that reads 'keep pouring please' an orange tequila bottle which reads 'capsicium spiced tequila'
the capsicum logo which reads 'over 60,000 shu, capsicum, chilli and tequila'
Is it getting
hot in here?
a secondary logo which reads 'made for sharing and feasting, sichuan tequila'
a blue tequila bottle which reads 'capsicium spiced tequila'
a pink tequila bottle which reads 'capsicium spiced tequila'
three stickers that read 'hot and spicy'

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