a pile of three toothpastes featuring the Lumi name made out of coloured toothpaste
The three flavours of toothpaste, each with a different focus: whitening, protecting and strengthening.
back to school one
Wanting to expand my design repertoire, I took a packaging design course led by independent designer Laura Evans. I learnt a lot, both about the technicalities of package creation and about the wider creative process. As part of the course, we were given a brief: create the brand and packaging design for Lumi, a new dental care challenger brand.
back to school two
Dental care has been stuck with the same aesthetic for many years now — the red, blue and white colour scheme, the swooshes, the dated 'science' feel. We were challenged to create a premium alternative which went up against the sameness of the supermarket shelf — something that repositioned a boring commodity item into something desirable.
a roundel that reads 'go on, give us a smile!' three mouthwashes in the three flavours (white, protect and strong) featuring images of coloured blobs of liquid
The range of mouthwashes, each design featuring droplets of the liquid.
the lumi logo
The Lumi logo.
Stay fresh!
three dispensers of reusable floss
The plastic-free floss comes in a reusuable dispenser.
three boxes floss, featuring coloured photos of tangled floss
The outer packaging for the floss, featuring a tangle of the plastic-free string.
the design for a product page of a the lumi website, featuring an image of a peach and orange blossom in front of a box of floss
A mock-up of the product page of the website, with emphasis placed on the distinctive flavours of the products.
talking to the
right people
The target audience is Upper Gen-Z — young adults who are able to make their own decisions about what and where to buy for the first time. With that in mind, I looked to brands across health and beauty which have been really successful in engaging young people.
talking to the
right people
I was particularly interested in the world of skincare. Led by brands like The Ordinary and Drunk Elephant, we've seen a monumental transformation in how people engage with skincare brands — suddenly, consumers are encouraged to know and care about ingredients lists and have an understanding of what different acids, retinols and serums actually do. The world of dental care has yet to embrace this in a meaningful way, instead being crowded with marketing-speak which doesn't actually appeal to the audience.
a box of toothpaste and a box of floss in the orange flavour, protect
Each of the products in the range has an illustration representing what's inside.
forming habits one
In line with this idea of audience education comes the idea of routine. Ever more complex skincare regimes and habits create a sense of control for the consumer and loyalty to the brand. We can do the same with dental care. The Lumi product line is split into three ranges: Whiten, Protect and Strong, each with unusual and distinctive flavours. Broken down into numbered products, the audience can create a routine which becomes an important part of their day, morning and evening.
three metal tubes of toothpaste in the three flavours
The toothpaste is contained in an uncoloured metal tube for a more premium feel.
lumi, written in orange and white striped toothpaste
The lettering found on the toothpaste.

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