a poster of two nuns, lit by pink and purple neon lights
The duotone approach to the neon-lit portrait highlights the core differences between the two protaganists of the play.
nuns, cigarettes and neon lights one
I was approached to create the posters, programmes and further print and digital marketing materials for NUNS, an exciting new production with an all-woman cast and production team. Photographer Elise Dumontet provided me with beautiful photos of the cast which I edited to create a coloured neon glow, reflecting the artificial light of the neon illustrations that surround them.
nuns, cigarettes and neon lights two
I designed a selection of neon lights to be used throughout the marketing material. I was particularly inspired by kitschy Catholic art and decor, alongside signage for traditionally feminine spaces: nails salons and beauty parlours.
a roundel that reads 'neon queen, non-stop glow' two hands clasped together, one holding a cigarette and the other a crucifix necklace
The dark comedy features rebellious nuns fighting for their right to smoke breaks.
the unedited photo of the nuns in neutral colours
The unedited photo before I created the neon lights and hot, vivid colouring,
"Sister, we're just having a bit of fun!"
a neon light of a hand with the fingers crossed
a neon light of a hand holding a rose
a neon light of a crucifix
a neon light of a pair of praying hands

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