an open box filled with black and gold patterned tissue paper and the odyssey logo
The box, with its black and gold colour palette and branded tissue paper, is designed to feel luxurious.
starting the odyssey one
Odyssey is a bespoke subscription box of natural hair products, all created by Black-owned businesses, designed to guide the customer on their natural hair journey. Each month, the customer receives four full-sized products curated by natural hair influencer Chloé Elliott (@curlygalchlo).
starting the odyssey two
Many people in the natural hair community talk of their hair ‘journey’, acknowledging the time, energy and commitment it can take to learn to look after natural hair. We wanted to encapsulate this idea within the brand, by exploring visual motifs of circumnavigation and postal communication.
the odyssey website homepage featuring a closed box and information about the product
The homepage of the website, which showcases the latest boxes and the products they contain.
a roundel that reads 'well hello luxury!' the odyssey website product page featuring an open box
The products page of the website.
selling quality one
At £40 a month, the box is at a higher price point than some of its competitors. It is therefore particularly important to ensure the design reflected quality. The roughened details around the logo and illustrations are contrasted with slick, carefully set type and a subtle colour scheme. The website is designed with simplicity in mind. The box is showcased front and centre, highlighting the quality of the product.
Begin your
journey here.
three phones featuring screenshots of the odyssey website
The mobile-view of the website.
the front and back of informaton cards
Each box contains cards explaining the products, completed with handwritten elements and stamps.
a roundel that reads 'please mr postman!' a letter, two envelopes and two business cards
As well as reaching customers, a key area of the business centres around communicating with other haircare businesses, so carefully considered stationary is a must.
two months worth of instagram posts
The social media strategy is key to the success of Odyssey, so I created a flexible social toolkit.

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