a poster that reads 'help us out' surrounded by little illustrated monsters
The little characters share their opinions as they work together.
help us help you one
As part of The University of Sheffield’s wider goal to better involve students in their educational experience, we wanted to gather student feedback on our work. No one likes filling in surveys, so I focused on the feedback being crucial to helping give participants a better university experience — help us help you.
help us help you two
The little characters all offer their feedback and work together to help to build the campaign. The project encompassed print and digital, being displayed across campus on plasma screens and over social media. All animation was provided by my co-worker Kieran Bentley.
a roundel that reads 'scrub' a blue monster scrubbing a large L
a red monster holding the top bar of a T
a red monster scrubbing a large U
a blue monster pushing a wheelbarrow of cement
an animated scene that reads 'help us out'
The animated versions filled digital screens across campus and on social media.
an animated scene of red monsters building
My favourite is the lil guy with the shovel and cement mixer.

Thanks for taking a look at this project!